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Thought for the Day: March 19

Posted by Traci Smith on

Thought for the day: hope.Romans 8talks about hope. Who hopes for what is seen? Hope is future oriented. As we look toward a situation that has no clear ending in sight, hope can be hard to hold on to. We take it one day at a time. Romans 8 is a towering passage that reminds us that nothingcan separate us from the love of God. Thinking of you all. Pastor Traci


  • Feeling Anxious? (I think we all are, on some level.) I think this is a great list of waysto bring inner peace to your life right now. Don’t forget to check in with me, as needed.

  • Would you like to send an encouraging message to Elmhurst Hospital workers? They’re on the front lines of a very scary time right now. Send your message to and we’ll make sure to get your message to them.

  • If you’d be willing to be paired with someone in our church community who would like a check in a few times a week, please let me (Pastor Traci) know. I’m checking in with our senior members and a few have indicated that they’d appreciate such a “buddy.” If you’re willing to do this, all you’d have to do is make a brief phone call a few times a week to see how people are doing and help them as needed. UPDATE: I have three people who have asked for this. If you’re willing to be paired up, please let me know!

  • Would you like to check in with Pastor Traci? If so, please sign up HERE, or respond to this text message to set up a 30 minute call or video chat!

  • Please help me get this Remind List populated with EPC members! Copy and paste this link and send to them: remind.com/join/8bac42f

    May you find something today that brings you joy and gratitude. Be strong and know that God is with us, always.

    Love and light, Pastor Traci