One of the key ingredients in any successful church is the quality of care it extends to its people and the surrounding community. The care the church exercises is called “pastoral,” not in the sense that it is from the pastor him/herself, but that the care has the basic qualities of love that Jesus Christ demonstrated. At Elmhurst Presbyterian Church, we have a whole church full of individuals who can provide pastoral care. 

Elmhurst Presbyterian Church offers a number of Care Ministries to meet the needs of our congregation and community. Individuals may be recovering from surgery, grieving, lonely, ill, or otherwise in a time where they welcome the ministry of care from our congregation. Members support each other’s needs in a variety of ways. 


Being a Deacon is a wonderful call to service. Deacons are the "caregivers" of the congregation. In a very real way, Deacons are the hands and heart of the Church in our ministry of caring. Deacons arrange meal assistance, coordinate fellowship events for the congregation and community, and provide other services.

Every member of the congregation is a part of a parish unit served by a specific Deacon. The Deacon contacts members regularly throughout the year to promote a spirit of belonging and respond to individual needs as well as to be reminded of and invited to church activities. 


The Good Shepherds team supports those who are confined to their home, in the hospital or nursing care program. Visits include conversation, support, and in many situations, communion.


You are not alone. A team of prayer warriors is available to raise you up in prayer. There are a number of ways to request prayer support.

  • Submit a prayer request to . These prayer requests are only sent to the Prayer Team. Team members will add your request to their daily prayers.
  • Attach a prayer request to the net on the wall in the sanctuary.
  • Submit a concern during the worship service to be lifted up during Prayers of the People.


An open group meets once a month on the first Wednesday of the month to knit and crochet prayer shawls and pocket prayer shawls for members and friends of EPC. The knitters have completed and given more than 425 shawls to people who, for a variety of reasons, needed to feel the presence of God in their lives. Some have described prayer shawls a hug from God. And three lap robes.

Along with the prayer shawls and pocket prayer shawls, members of the group have knitted hats, scarves and mittens for Erie House and other charities.

If you know of someone who is in need of strength while undergoing a medical procedure; someone who needs comfort after a loss; someone who needs peace and patience during a difficult time; or someone who needs to feel the presence of God please contact the church office at (630) 834-7750 and ask for Mary Mueller to contact you.


Drive by EPC and you’ll see a garden in our lawn. Every summer, a dedicated group of volunteers and the youth of the church plant, maintain and harvest the garden. The pickings usually are presented during the worship offering. All the produce grown in the garden is shared with the Yorkfield Food Pantry for distribution to those is need.  


If you or someone you know is in need of pastoral care or if you are interested in participating in any of these care ministries, please contact the church office at   or 630.834.7750 to be connected with the pastor or appropriate leader of the pastoral care team.