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Latest News

January 9, 2018

Welcome to EPC's New Director of Children & Youth Ministries

Emily Culella

EPC is pleased to welcome Emily Culella as our new Director of Children & Youth Ministries.

Emily Culella has worked in education for over ten years, designing and implementing curricula for different ages and abilities. In her most recent position as a professor of writing and literature in the City Colleges, Emily created classes structured around morality and story. She worked with students one-on-one to tell their personal narratives and reflect on those stories as a basis for moving forward in learning.

Emily grew up in the faith and is dedicated to teaching children the encompassing love of God and encouraging the vital spiritual formation of young adults. She is excited about the new emergence of the church in culture and society—and Elmhurst Presbyterian’s part in that new story.

Emily lives with her husband, Ron, and their two children, Salvatore (7) and Santino (4) in Lombard.