Who We Are


Who We Are

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Elmhurst Presbyterian Church was founded in the 1950’s boom of babies and optimism. A member from that era traveling through time would recognize much about our church today, like our deep commitment to spiritual and scriptural traditions.

They might also be shocked by:

  • How casually we dress
  • How technology is incorporated into our worship services
  • The variety of talented voices and musical instruments that fill the sanctuary with a joyful sound
  • The diversity of our congregants
  • That we welcome same sex marriage

 We are not wedded to the trappings of the past for their own sake. We believe that Christ’s teachings and God’s love are meant for a changing world and so that we must be open to change as well if we are to be effective disciples.


Touched by Grace, We Live Differently

We gratefully accept God's unmerited favor and allow it to transform us into a welcoming community that responds to Jesus Christ's call to love God and to love our neighbors.

We learn, teach, sing, serve, share, celebrate, mourn, give and receive as members of a community of faith whose mission extends far beyond our walls.

We believe that scripture offers timeless guidance and hope to a world that is hungering for love, belonging and healing.


The articles of faith to which we turn for strength in time of confusion or stress:

  1. God loves us unconditionally.
  2. Jesus is our Lord and Savior through whom we have eternal life.
  3. Grace is the basis of our relationship with God.
  4. Our sins are forgiven through Christ's death and resurrection.
  5. The Bible reveals God's word.
  6. God has a plan and purpose for us and we are not alone.
  7. God hears our prayers and guides us.
  8. There is nothing so evil that God cannot redeem it and use it for His good will and purpose. 


The positive, habitual behaviors that we are expected to demonstrate in daily living.

  1. Welcoming people in the name of Jesus Christ.
  2. Worshipping joyfully.
  3. Transforming lives by connecting people to Jesus Christ.
  4. Nurturing Christian discipleship.
  5. Empowering people to serve through their spiritual gifts.
  6. Working together in collaborative and accountable relationships.
  7. Reaching out to serve a broken world.
  8. Making every effort to preserve and restore God’s creation.
  9. Giving distinctively Christian care to individuals in need