Debbie Paton
Interim Pastor

Diane Slocum
Associate Pastor

Susan Smentek
Director of Music

Karen Bircher
Office Administrator

Congregational Leadership

Session is the governing body of the church moderated by the pastor. Nine elders represent the congregation and guide the spiritual path of the church. There are three classes of Elders each with three members who serve three-year terms. That way, there is always rotation of new leaders onto Session, along with seasoned members.

 The Clerk of Session manages the business of the session, files reports as needed with the Chicago Presbytery, but does not have voting privileges.

  • Class of 2017: Sarah Kays, Jim Rundle,  Jeff Waters 
  • Class of 2018: Jim Davidovich, Karen Miller, Tom Riekse
  • Class 2019: Doug Fitzgerald, Faith Lee, Rebecca Rodriguez

Trustees manage the administrative tasks and operations of the church, including finances, building and grounds and contracted services. There are two classes of Trustees each with three members who serve three-year terms.

Bill Berner, Jeff Hughart, Todd Lestina, Diana Riekse, Marj Schuham, Greg St. Laurent

Deacons are a group of nine church members who attend to the spiritual and physical needs of the congregation. There are three classes of Deacons each with three members who serve three-year terms. Every member of the congregation is assigned a Deacon to whom they can reach out if they need assistance.

  • Class of 2017: Susan Hall, Trish Waters,  Lori Woosley
  • Class of 2018: Clare Collins, Ruth Schroeter, Ted Steiskal
  • Class of 2019: Barry Benecke, Mary Ellen Hayes, Alan West

Trustees, Elders on Session and Deacons are all nominated and elected by members of the congregation. The term of service for all positions is three years; members may serve no more than two terms consecutively.