Latest News


Latest News

WELCOME TO AMERICA PACK: Our church will be matched with a refugee family this summer who is starting their new life in the United States. Through Exodus World Service, we'll be matched with a family, and have the opportunity to provide them with the basics for starting their life here. We are still waiting to be matched with our specific family.

The items we still need are 

  • 3 warm blankets
  • 4 sets of sheets with pillowcases (we will wait until we are paired with our family to find out exactly the bed sizes) 
  • 4 pillows 
  • Laundry soap 
  • Broom and dustpan 
  • Box of salt 
  • Case of Coke 
  • Box of sharpened pencils 
  • Fan 
  • Small box of tools/tool tit 
  • 8 lightbulbs
  • Scissors

Sponsor a Children's Bible

Children's Bibles

Have you seen the new Busy Boxes in the pews? Each box includes activities for young worshipers including two Bibles, one for younger readers and another for preschoolers. Please consider donating $20 to sponsor a Bible. Your donation will be noted with the addition of a nameplate to one of the Bibles.

Christian Education Committee

Interested in helping us help our youth and children? Contact Emily Culella to see how you can participate in our Christian Education Committee. We are always ready for new ideas, new faces, and new plans to help our youth and children grow in their love and service to God.